• Do soutěže Social Impact Award se v České republice přihlásilo 32 projektů!

    Počet přijatých projektů do soutěže se ve čtvrtek večer zastavil na úžasném čísle 32! Ještě více nás těší, že se z velké části jedná o velmi dobré nápady. V současné době pracujeme na hodnocení projektů a výběru těch, které bude posléze hodnotit národní porota. Ta vybere pět českých finalistů, kteří postoupí do závěrečného finále. Tyto finalisty zveřejníme 25. dubna.
    Abyste věděli, z jakých nápadů vybíráme, můžete si níže prohlédnout shrnutí podaných projektů, u kterých jejich autoři souhlasili se zveřejněním. Pokud by vás zajímalo, s jakými projekty se hlásili lidé z Rakouska a Rumunska, můžete si je prohlédnout v jejich sekci na těchto stránkách.
    Všem, kteří se do soutěže zapojili, děkujeme. A všem doporučujeme zůstat s námi, protože to nejdůležitější nás teprve čeká!

    • Moment of Beauty
      I decided to register my friend Soňa Záňová because I find this project as really important and meaningful. I know her very well and I know one of her dream which is to have her own photography exhibition. She has been taking photos for a long time and she is really good in this. She has got professional attitude to her work so her photos get really dynamic and alive touch of sensitivity of her woman´s heart. I want to fulfil her dream with your help. She needs money to realize her dream and it´s not possible to do it on her own.


    • The Promise Book project didn’t agree with publishing its project description


    • Next Step
      Our business is focused on sorting and sale of redundant assets which are remained after removal from the old house. These items will be auctioned or donated to the needy . The main item of business is socially excluded employment. Our services can order the landlord or the tenant of the house. Things will be forwarded against the contract and our services are free. Profit will be generated by the sale of the property.


    • HotKarot
      HotKarot&OpenSauce (a carrot in a bun with sauce) is focused on breaking stereotypes in the field of gastronomy and urban living. Through the interconnection of food, new technologies and gamification, the project creates a modern rational and creative lifestyle fast food for the 21st century. Combining mobile HotKarot kiosk and online open source website for creating personalized sauces, the project creates a social game which is played both in the city streets and in cyberspace.


    • Make it equal! / Equal design contest
      The main aim of the project Make it equal! is to raise awareness about socially responsible design and about the role designers have in the production process. The project is supposed to teach designers the importance of creating products with no limitation for users. At the same time the project can positively influence the way people in our country feel about design. In other words, today the public sees design as something overpriced and no utility. Following this, we would like to present the philosophy of equal design proving that design can be a positive asset that serve people- no matter what their age, size or handicaps are. In order to accomplish our goals we will organize a contest for those who will meet the requirements of equal design.


    • Life by bike
      Mainly the Life by bike project is about bike rennovation and recycling enterprise. This project want to employ disadvantage people like young homeless guys. Our enterprise would buy old bikes and repair them and then sell them. The mission of our social enterprise is getting people more active, healthy, mobile and happy. Basicly we want to see more people on two wheels and give them courage do that.


    • Lepší místo (The Better Place)
      The Better Place project helps citizens and councils to share information and improve their places together. It is a way to publish and promote local problems to people who are not indifferent to their neighbourhood. People can publish issues and discuss about complicated ones. Council members have relevant requests with no bureaucracy.
      Authors believe people can be more involved and council members more effective with an easy and entertaining platform.


    • Center for Superkids
      The goal of the project is to establish a financially independent center for  young carers, that will provide them a psychological services, self-help groups or legal services.  Some of the activities (free time activities, babysitting) will be opened to the general public for fees. Earned money would cover the centre costs.  Staff of the center would be also recruited from former Superkids. Vision of the project is to bring back these children their lost childhood.


    • ProTibet Tailoring2012: a new vision for Tibetan women’s employement
      The ProTibet Tailoring 2012 Project: a new vision for Tibetan women’s employment aims to better the uneasy situation of Tibetan women in exile villages in Ladakh, India by creating the job opportunities for them. Volunteers and the M.O.S.T. Civic Association want to extent the first ProTibet Tailoring shop’s, opened in 2011, to develop the marketing and business strategies for it, to provide the women higher qualification and to gain the Fair Trade Certificate.


    • Café Marina and Forest kindergarten class
      New wooden house of a Children integration centre in Prague 4 is designed for two unique places: Café Marina and forest kindergarten class. The café will be employing mentally handicapped people and will also function as a place to show arts and gather local community. The second half of the house will be a forest kindergarten class (Scandinavian concept of preschool education that is held almost exclusively outdoors), first in the Czech register of kindergartens.


    • Gateway to better world
      We’ll build a website, which will be gathering non-for-profit organizations, where each visitor will be able to subscribe monthly payment to the system. He can choose, how will the money be split amongst the organizations. In exchange, he will get information about the activities of the organization and exact projects (which will be selected by some algorythm) where his money helped (for example- your 300 crowns were used on project- building school in Nepal).


    • Volunteer²
      We’re going to create a web platform that will help individuals fundraise for a non-profit organization of their choice. Fundraisers will create a profile and build their appeal on the fact that they already volunteer for an NGO, thus donating free time and skills. Donors will then match the hours a given fundraiser spends volunteering by a financial contribution. Our fundraising platform will generate income for NGOs and raise the prestige of volunteering.


    • CURE – cooperative urban recovery
      CURE is based on sense connecting different sides of society.
      Show to people how to cooperate with each other. And provide the new ways for helping,  creating, reparing and improving our cities. Are you embarrassed by condition of your city? Report them by „cure mobile app“ and make it move with problems . Everyone can help to clean,repair, make more accessible or create more comfortable city.


    • Recomando
      Recomando, is an iPad app for sharing recommendations, experience and opinions between people, who use iPad as an assistive tool (childern with special education needs, teachers, therapist etc…). Recomando allows to pick out and follow communities and personal profiles of users and friends with similar needs. It’s friendly and focused on accesibility and clarity. And it’s open for everyone.


    • Worksy.cz
      Worksy is an online software platform aimed for entrepreneurs and SMEs that helps them to  increase their efficiency, productivity and improve public image. It provides access to synchronized email, contacts, calendar or to easily create and manage the business website using open-source solutions. The solution is distributed through telcos, banks and other companies providing services for SMEs and is free for the final customers. The project wants to adapt the solution to the Czech environment.


    • Chemical Sketch Band
      Chemical Sketch Band is an educational project. The aim of the project is to increase public awareness of chemical disciplines in the form of theatre performances, focusing specifically on everyday things and phenomena. The core team of Chemical Sketch Band will consist of a group of young experts from the Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague. These experts will motivate high school students to learn about technical subjects.


    • Jak Se Třídí Odpad
      Our project is web a mobile application for separation of waste. We solve problem when user can separate waste but don`t know how, where is waste container or waste collection point. Via our form or scanner in smartphone identify which container is for waste and where is nearest container or waste collection point.


      Foto Opp is a social experiment and economic development project. There are alternatives to austerity measures given the power of the internet. This project empowers people financially and educationally through a unique training program which transfers skills and Know-How for product creation and sales. With an absolute bare minimum of initial start-up investment, we aim to prove that with a high degree of ingenuity, intent and an internet connection anyone can become more financially independent.


      A thought in a person’s mind, a motto to live by – our invisible side at first sight – a few words, that desribe us in short, that introduce us. Express them!  An old t-shirt, a pair of out-of-fashion pants can come to live with a “talking” patch .
      People, who like the very material they use want to enter the “next round” – a new skill, revitalizing of work habits, clothes recycling, job opportunities (low-qualified, Roma), leisure activity.


    • InformMe
      The project aims at reintegration of post productive people in today’s society, helping them to use the benefits of free traveling throught the EU. The main idea is to place a number of old people in front of Prague’s most important sights and they will offer a quick guide about it for small amount of money. There will be always at least 3 people, each speaking different languange to suit different needs of tourists and to build international friendship.


    • Fresh Opportunities project didn’t agree with publishing its project description


    • Roma Cafe
      The Roma Cafe in Prague will be a place, where the majority and the Roma community meet. The Cafe will offer Roma cuisine and present Roma music too. I will employ only Roma in the cafe (only my friends at the beginning). Roma are facing to a systematic discrimination on the labour market in the Czech Republic, which is a long-term structural problem. Meeting in natural situations and a good experience remove prejudices, and reduce discrimination as well. I want to invite tourists too.


    • Step up
      We offer complete set of techniques to improve skills how to learn and immediately use the new information easier. It will also provide personal service that contains monitoring of right use of our techniques and giving advices. This set is designed as a process which gives our client enough time to get used to these techniques.


    • Pragulic – poznej Prahu jinak
      We aim to run project called Pragulic – Discover Prague in a different, city-guide service provided by homeless people. We want to combine guides experiences with our idea of unique service and by this contribute to the improvement of their situation in effective and attractive way for customers – giving homeless people opportunity to have stable income and find their meaning of life. Let’s walk through the streets with people that know them the best, let’s hear their story.


    • Startupmag project didn’t agree with publishing its project description


    • „Anti-procrastination clubhouse“
      We as students see it everywhere around us… procrastination. Young people, full of ideas, enthusiasm and potential… doing nothing about it – and suffering for it – with stress, low self-esteem, regret. They would like to do something useful, and they would love to feel productive in a meaningful context, but they don’t know how… they get stuck, paralyzed, discouraged. Our project is here to help with that – offer a safe environment and a guidance.


    • Share your ride
      Time & money & environment saving solution. Easy way how to avoid traffic & save money & reduce polution and at the same time meet new people and make potential business& friends contacts.


    • Finanční dravec project didn’t agree with publishing its project description


    • bezobalu.cz
      The project has been designed to activate self-responsibility and participation with Czech citizens thought a real change in their own lifestyle. It fills in a niche in food market in Prague, where unpackaged food has not been introduced as a store concept.  Main challenges lie in public awareness, lack of suppliers and products to fulfill all hygienic regulations. If the concept reaches success, it will create an active local community of citizens who will be further supported online and in a (m)eating place.


    • (BIKE)AFÉ
      Our project aims at already existing city-bikers community in Prague. We want to build up a community space in a form of café for people, who share the same attitudes towards transportation in Prague, where they could meet, relax, visit lectures, watch movies about cycling etc. The space supports the alternative ways of transportation in the city and thus help to change the face of Prague and reduce the traffic in the city.


    • Entreprising Schools
      The aim of our project Entreprising Schools is to help Czech (especially public) schools to generate their own profit and invest in their needs, to enable schools to develop social entrepreneurial thinking of their students and teachers via real projects for the benefit of their own schools and communities and to interconnect innovative schools, teachers and students to learn, share and inspire.


    • Simply Bistro
      „Bistro-Studio-Children Club“
      We stand on give and take principles, no borders – neither psychological, nor physical, maximal openness and offer of spending free time with overlap.
      BISTRO – vegan, seasonal food aiming on local products. Best coffee in the city. Supported employment.
      STUDIO – open studio/showroom for art and lectures including open workshop for self-realization.
      CHILDREN CLUB – a club, which offers superior fulfilment of childrens free time under qualified guidance.